Why use Direct Mail Marketing in this digital era?

  • Jul 8, 2021

Why use Direct Mail Marketing in this digital era?

Physically delivered direct marketing may seem out of date, but it can actually be very relevant for your business needs.  For instance, Direct Mail Marketing can:


       Reinforce engagement and the emotional connection your product or service triggers. Your brand's proximity to the client builds loyalty; potentiate the recipients’ experience using Direct Mail to promote URLs, QR codes, and social media challenges that will drive traffic to your digital channels.

       Offer more precise targeting when selecting contacts that represent higher conversions as well as reaching new leads that you had been missing.

       Raise your Return On Investment (ROI) in marketing when complimenting your already running digital strategies. According to Rosie Niblock in a research by ‘Proactive Marketing’, “customers spend 25% more when businesses use a combination of direct mail and email marketing” (Niblock, 2017).

       Increase brand awareness. Product Marketing Director, Vericast, explains, your customers will be 52% more likely to notice and remember your business (Poast, 2021).

Boost your  Direct Mail Marketing Using Seed Paper:

Seed paper is produced from 100% post-consumer and post-industrial materials.  A quality printing paper embedded with small seeds that allow the product to be planted after use! So, instead of ending in the recycling bin, seed paper can be used by the recipients to grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables, enhancing their experience with your marketing product.

Seed paper is a NON-GMO product, tested for purity, and approved by the CFIA and USDA for planting in Canada, the U.S., and many other countries worldwide.
(How Plantable Paper Works, 2020).

What’s the impact on your business?
You can expect:

       Returning clients who have remembered you.

       Public recognition for your environmental values.

       Increased conversions (new clients) - 50% of consumers have tried a new product, service or establishment in the past six months after receiving a direct mail advertisement (Gendusa, 2021)


At Reflex Printing-

We have a wide range of innovative printed communications that can increase your brand’s awareness, generate leads and increase conversion rates.

We use direct-contact customer-based initiatives that take advantage of traditional highly engaging methods while staying up to date with memorable eco-friendly products. Our clients include start-ups up to large enterprises; across a variety of industries such as financial services, health, manufacturing and real estate.  Reflex Printing is driving change and building the future.

Please reach out to see how we can put our expertise and products to work for your company’s success. 


t. 604.873.1800 · 1-877-243-3694

f. 604.873.2900


Author: Camilo Sanchez



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